corrective movement therapy

Therapy And Rehabilitation For Skeletal Problems Using The CMT Method

CMT (Corrective Movement Therapy) is a therapeutic method which offers a rehabilitative and non-invasive solution for numerous forms of movement restriction. It works by applying controlled neural stimulation to muscles and joints close to the painful area. This type of stimulation makes it possible to lengthen and strengthen muscles, extend the range of movement, improve posture and restore natural movement, without pain or restriction. The method was based on aquatic training and rehabilitation with the objective of creating an active rehabilitative process in a supportive environment that enables unrestricted movement. Active rehabilitation is carried out with the exclusive help of the weight of the body, as close as possible to the natural movement of our bodies. This method was developed by Amit Israeli, who is an innovator in sports therapy in Israel, and an expert in movement rehabilitation

Neck Pain

Treatment for pain and muscle and joint inflammation that derives from prolonged sitting in front of the computer. The rehabilitative program consists of the rehabilitation of movement and posture of the shoulders using the CMT method, together with recommendations and planning for ergonomic improvement of the work environment

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Ankle Joint Rehabilitation

A unique program for rehabilitating the ankle joint following surgery or injury The program is based on active sports therapy using the weight of the body on the patented Body-Fit trainer

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Hip Joint Pain

A rehabilitative program for the hip joint with the objective of reducing pain and improving functionality. The program is based on a combination of the improvement of the range of movement, balance, and the muscles, capacity, using body weight

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Shoulder Injury

A program designed for rehabilitating injury of the shoulder stabilizers, based on a combination of passive therapy for rehabilitating the injured tissue together with active therapy for improving posture and the position of the shoulder joint. The program is used by active athletes, helping them to carry out the required adjustments so that they will be able to return to specific sports activity

Knee Pain

Most of us suffer from knee pain at some time in our lives. At the center, we treat all sorts of knee problems and pain. The most common type of knee pain derives from wear and tear and loss of joint cartilage. Treatment is carried out by reducing the structural load on the joint and pinpointing the weak spots of the knee joint’s stabilizing muscles, and strengthening them by employing the CMT method

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Spine Degeneration

There are different reasons for the degeneration of the spine, and it can appear at different stages of our life. The center has developed a unique rehabilitative program for the degenerative spine based on improving the capacity of movement of the spine’s stabilizing muscles and supporters